Kontakt 5 - Free Download - Standalone / VST - Windows & MAC

First of all, what is Kontakt 5 ?

Kontakt 5 is a product developed  by Native Instruments which serves you as a digital / producing set of instruments, also called VST's. This is a music program used by professionals and by rookies as well. The app lets you to play your favourite samples using MIDI keyboards, and for testing purposes, there is also keyboard option. 

Both Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 5 Player can be used as a standalone instrument within your desired host application such as FL Studio, Cubase, etc. 

What do you need to know about Kontakt 5 ?

You can't load any other samples or sample libraries within the program if its not enabled as in production of the Kontakt 5. Some libraries that are basically non licensed can't be loaded more then 15 minutes when you're running demo version, nor you can save whatever you've previously made.

What will Kontakt 5 serve you for ? 

There are more then 43 gigabytes of ultra-super sounds and samples for you to obtain if you purchase full edition of Kontakt 5.
We have 4 available versions for you to download. They are as following:

Kontakt 5 Standalone ( Windows ):

Kontakt 5 Unlocked ( Windows ):

Kontakt 5 MAC: